Venturing Rendezvous – 2021

Venturing Rendezvous will take place on Saturday, March 20, 2021.

A few changes from prior years:

  1. It will be a single day event.  We are working on the details for this.  We believe the format will be similar to that of The Gathering event in the fall.  Still plenty to do – just focusing on a single day event.
  2. We will do a single meal.  Another planning piece we are borrowing from The Gathering.  We are looking at a variety of possibilities in order to avoid having a large number of people in the dining hall at one time.
  3. We will be smaller.  Our attendance was approaching 500.  We weren’t quite there yet, but we could see it and it was a goal.  We anticipate capping attendance at 200-250, including staff.

Also, the theme (Alien Invasion) will remain the same.  The youth leadership is just as excited about this theme as they were last year.  In fact, the patches might say Rendezvous 2020.  😉

Stay tuned!  More details are coming!

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