Advisor’s Corner – January 2020

I was recently asked what I was most passionate about in Scouting…

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I replied, “ensuring that we have opportunities for older scouts.”

As I talk with older scouts – some who are approaching Eagle and others who may not be there yet (this includes the 13/14 year olds who have progressed rapidly through the program, those who are 15/16 and looking for “something more”, and those who are about to turn 18 and aren’t quite ready to fully “adult” yet), I remind them that it is up to them whether it will be a clear day or a cloudy one. This is especially true of scouts approaching the pinnacle of Eagle…

If it is a cloudy day, they’ll not see beyond their current situation. They’ll shrug, maybe wonder what the fuss is all about and perhaps even return by the path they just climbed.

But if it is a clear day, they’ll see that Scouting offers other mountaintop challenges -not all of which involve rank advancement – and they’ll travel onward. The Order of the Arrow. Venturing. Sea Scouts. Attending and Staffing NYLT, NAYLE, and SEAL. High Adventure. Summer Camp Staff. Aquatics Committee. Shooting Sports Committee. When this occurs, Scouting becomes more than a program; it becomes a way of life.

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