Advisor’s Corner – February 2020

Getting an early start on this one… And the commitment to keep this page active throughout the year.

This is one of those times when you get to brag on one of the scouts you’ve known for several years. Samantha has been active in our Venturing Officer Association here in Circle Ten for a number of years.  But odds are you didn’t meet her through Venturing.  You (or your son or daughter) probably met Samantha in much the same way I did – at a National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) course. Samantha is a regular / frequent NYLT staffer in Circle Ten and many of our youth have benefitted from her leadership.

She has also found a way to remain active in Scouting while attending college. Samantha is the Vice-President of Program for the Southern Region. Samantha is very service oriented. If you recall, at last year’s Area 2 Venturing Rendezvous we collected food, toys, and bedding for the Dallas Pet Shelter (SPCA). That was Samantha’s idea – but it turns out that this was just the warm-up! She has something much larger planned for the Southern Region Winterfest event to be held in Gatlinburg, TN in a couple weeks. She is leading a canned food drive to benefit the local Food Pantry. Check out the articles below for details.

These are her own words: “I told myself when I ran for Southern Region VP that I needed to find a way to incorporate a service project this term. Winterfest is my event and I’ve worked hard to make it great but the Canned Food Drive is the main thing I’m proud of. If you or your council or your friend are attending Winterfest next month, bring a canned good. Scouts is such an amazing organization because you can have a weekend of fun and you can give back to a community who needs it. Bring canned food. Live truly by the Scout Oath and Law and Do A Good Turn Daily.”

I am working with Samantha to determine if there is a way that those of us who are not attending Winterfest can contribute financially to this goal.  I’ll let you know what I find out.  Also, I hope to follow up on this story after Winterfest and provide some photos highlighting this very worthwhile effort!

Many folks lament that youth leave the program just as they are ‘becoming useful’ or ‘get interesting’. In my opinion, we need more opportunities for youth to continue their involvement in scouting well past their 18th or 21st birthday. More on this in a future post – but for now, please enjoy the Newspaper Articles and visit the Winterfest links!

PS: Samantha is over 18 and I have her permission to share the story here.

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